Artists at Artful Steps

The mission of Artful Steps is <to teach individuals, of every level of ability, methods for self-expression through the visual arts.> The goal of Artful Steps is to enhance not only the artistic abilities of the participants, but their self-esteem and independence as well. 311 MacArthur Blvd, San Leandro, CA 94577. Telephone: (510) 568 -3331

Chris Carr enjoys using saturated color in all of his work. He has a passion for digital art and using organic forms to create cobwebs and flowers, his two favorite subjects. Chris is also musically inclined and an excellent dancer as well as a visual artist. 

Darrell Holmesuses large canvases and is inspired by graffiti. He often works from photographs taken in nearby communities. He uses very bright colors and often collages his works over lovely watercolor washes. 

Tracey Johnson has a specific stylistic approach to all of her art. Her quiet persona gives way to a playful sense of humor and has been described as “whimsical and free.” Tracy reveals her world of colorful animals and people in many different mediums – from watercolor and embroidery, to digital art and acrylic.

Scott Kenney is a meticulous artist whose intricate renderings are popular with patrons. Scott has many interests and his subject matter varies from animals to cityscapes.

Donna Kurtz’s lovely and bubbly personality is reflected in her bright, beautiful pieces. While prolific in drawing, painting, printmaking and more, her textile pieces – sewn and embroidered – are standouts in her portfolio.

Sandra Littlejohn has Native-American heritage and brings this connection to her roots to all of her art, from watercolor to embroidery. Her art captures the essence of people, revealing her warmth, along with an unmistakable innocence and truth, while remaining purposeful and strong.

Lisa Lyons is extremely hard working and willing to try all forms of art. Her work is very bright, happy and unique.

Karen Ridge is a passionate and decisive artist, and a current events enthusiast.  Maui and Rodney (her dog and brother, respectively) are recurring subjects of her work, and she often examines the business side to her art endeavors.

Jackie Riley is primarily a master of abstracts. Her focus is on a repetitive, overlaying of geometric patterns. Jackie’s work can be both dizzying and simple but is always alluring. She enjoys having her work in the public eye and sharing her motivation with patrons.

Curtis Simmons has a unique style, and often focuses on drawing, but has also completed beautiful recycled art pieces and monoprints.

Anna Smith is a multi-media artist inspired by different subject matter, using bold palettes to intuitively convey mood and atmosphere in her pieces. She has also produced two books of her original art and poetry.

Lolita Triplette creates worlds of fantasy and playfulness, including humor, charm, and a touch of dark satire in her narrative subject matter. 

Zachary Umar-Durris an accomplished artist who works with a wealth of mediums, including graphite, acrylic, watercolor, printmaking, and digital art.  His keen eye is unmatched and he is currently pursuing an education in graphic design and digital art. 

Stephanie Urbach has a style that balances bright color and cheer, with a dark, morbid touch. She is often influenced by illustrators, cartoonists, filmmakers and fine artists.

Kathy Wilson has been making art since her days in High School, with a portfolio teeming with portraits of beautiful ladies in gowns. Her passion for animals is shown in her popular and beautiful mosaic pieces.