Artists at ArtReach Studios

ArtReach Studios provides a unique arts academy environment where adults with developmental disabilities can pursue art as a means of personal expression and to develop new skills, connect to a larger art community and realize financial gains through sales of their work. Students in this innovative program get support in pursuing a major course of study, as well as encouragement to try different art forms in expressive, visual and media arts. 

The Arc San Francisco-San Mateo County & ArtReach Studios
6644 Mission Street, Suite A, Daly City, CA 94014
Telephone: (650) 756-1304

Michael Broadhurst cites nature as a strong inspiration for his work, and began creating art in order to represent some of his favorite animals depicting not only their external environment but also their spiritual world. In his free time Michael practices meditation in order to feel closer to the natural world.

Nancy Chisholm was raised throughout her childhood years in the Chinatown district of San Francisco, where her parents owned a fish delivery business. She first became exposed to art practiceat school in traditional drawing courses where she found a liking for portraiture and landscape. Since then Nancy has taken many art classes, and found a love for watercolor and painting during classes she took in college. 

Rob Garcia was born and raised in a lower-class Hispanic community and relied heavily on his surroundings to teach him about life. He responds to the harsh conditions of his living environment by projecting his voice through the creativity of his art.

Tyrone Eric Johnson plays the trumpet, saxophone, and piano, and creates art with ink, acrylic, and watercolor. His artwork is about lifestyle and dreams. He says “art makes me happy … I like feeling talented and that I can do anything, it helps me express myself and learn.”

Javier Morales was born in Nicaragua and moved to the Bay Area at the age of 8. He joined ArtReach Studios in 2014, and before that had no formal artistic training. Javier experiments with many different materials and mediums and takes inspiration from art lessons and other student work.

Fitu Petaiacreates comix, poetry and prose, and writes plays. He has a YouTube channel, writes music and sings.

Chris Rosales is a college-educated artist, believing that working in a single medium is restrictive to his artistic process. Using many mediums, his work is influenced by his experiences in nature.

Yukari Sakura works with great focus on what she calls her ‘very own stories,’ gathering inspiration from mythological tales, animated films, and video games. She works with a variety of materials and also creates animations.

Musa Syme was born in Sierra Leone, Africa and started drawing, mostly portraits. He loves people, their interactions and everyone’s uniqueness. Things like wrinkles, face shapes, hairlines and skin color, all vary. When drawing Musa aims to find and capture those differences, which he says are beautiful. 

Ines Villalobos has only recently begun creating at ArtReach Studios.