Nina G.

Nina G. is the San Francisco Bay Area’s favorite female stuttering stand-up comedian (granted, she is the only one). She is a disability activist, educator, and children’s book author. 

Nominator: “Nina has been breaking barriers in the comedy world, and at the same time, has been a tireless advocate and activist for the community. Nina is a true advocate and educator for the Stuttering Community. We are blessed to have her as one of the faces of our community. She uses her comedy to teach folk things they maybe would not be willing to learn elsewhere.”

Nina G. by Sandra Littlejohn, mixed media on canvas, 11 x 14 inches, 2019

IMAGE: Drawn with bold shapes, a woman with long brown hair, wearing a bright green dress and with bright red lips talks into a microphone, against a sky blue background.

Sandra Littlejohn from Artful Steps has Native-American heritage and brings this deep connection into her work, from her watercolors to embroidery. Her art captures the essence of people, revealing her warmth, along with an unmistakable innocence and truth, while remaining purposeful and strong.